Here's a quick overview of the moving out process (for more information on each part, click on the links below):

  • Serve notice, at least 2 full months in advance - you can serve notice here:
  • You'll receive a reply from us confirming that we have submitted your notice to your landlord
  • You'll receive an email from us booking your checkout appointment for the last day of your tenancy agreement (or shortly before if your tenancy end date ends on a Sunday, Bank Holiday, or over the Christmas Holiday Period (usually 22/12 to 03/01 each year). For the avoidance of doubt, you are liable for the rent until the last day of your tenancy, even if you move out earlier by choice or because the tenancy end date is not a normal working day.
  • You'll need to reply to the booking email to confirm receipt and accept the appointment.
  • Then you'll start making arrangements and plans for moving, such as:
    • Redirecting your post
    • Comparing prices for moving vans/removal services
    • Arranging contractors to repair any damage you, your family, your pets, or your visitors have caused to the property (including the garden) to ensure that all parts of the property are returned to the same or better condition that they were in when you received them (save for fair wear and tear). You can compare how the property is now to your inventory check-in report so you are able to work out what condition we are expecting the property back in. You can request a copy of your inventory (and all inventory amendments, if any) by replying to the email booking your inventory check-out appointment
    • Then you'll need to book your moving van to move all of your belongings out of the property at least 2 days before the check-out appointment (leaving you enough time for your professional cleaners to clean the property the in-between you moving out and the check-out appointment.
    • Then you will return to the property for the check-out appointment with all of the keys, parking permits, and anything else that you are required to return with the property.