Once you have found and selected a property that suits your requirements (either at https://letmeproperties.co.uk/property-search/ or somewhere else) you can call us or contact us online to arrange a viewing appointment.

People often forget to check the number of bedrooms, location, and availability before contacting us, so please be sure to check these on the property advert before asking to arrange a viewing.

Before viewing a property with us please ensure that you earn 30 times the monthly rent per year in provable, legal income. Most landlord who use letting agents  in St Albans to market their properties do not accept tenants who are not working, or who are receiving housing benefits or universal credit. So if you are on benefits of any type, please inform us before arranging a viewing appointment to avoid wasting your time.

Please review our full referencing criteria here for more information: https://letmeproperties.co.uk/referencing-criteria/

Please ensure you meet these requirements before viewing a property with us. If you do not, or if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

All viewing appointments are subject to the following terms and conditions: https://letmeproperties.co.uk/viewing-appointment-terms-and-conditions/