Once a potential tenant has viewed a property they want to rent through Let Me Properties, they will need to submit an offer to us. This offer process is a questionnaire where the tenant must submit details about themselves and anyone who will be living with them. These questions include details about their employment, their previous rental history, their citizenship, and a number of other questions to help determine their suitability for the property and tenancy.

Once an offer is received, we discuss the offer (or offers if we have multiple offers on the same property) with the landlord, and together with our advice, the landlord decides who’s offer they would like us to accept for them. This is quite a unique process that not many letting agents use. We created this process to ensure that there is a far smaller chance that the proposed tenancy will fall through at any point later down the line. It is extremely uncommon for a landlord to not proceed with an offer from a tenant after accepting it, as long as the tenant has been completely honest throughout their application, and they pass our thorough referencing and verification processes.

After submitting an offer, we encourage tenants to complete our online application immediately. This will allow us to begin referencing the tenants as soon as the offer is accepted.

To submit an offer please visit https://letmeproperties.co.uk/make-an-offer/