Your Responsibilities:

Yes, it is the tenants' responsibility to take reasonable measures to ensure that the lighting is in working order. This includes checking that the switch is turned on, checking that the power is turned on at the fuse board and replacing light bulbs. 

If the bulbs are not working when you move in you should inform us within 5 days. We will then refund you the purchase price of the new bulb for you to change yourself. You will need to have permission from us before spending money on bulbs that you expect to be refunded and you will need to supply us with a receipt for the new bulbs. There will be a spending limit for the cost of the new bulbs. Please submit a report to us to seek this permission.

If you are not capable or just don't want to change the bulbs yourself, then you should ask a friend or family member to help you or you should hire a contractor (at your own expense) to replace the bulbs for you. If you report a repair to us and it turns out that the issue is related to the bulb and not actually a problem with the light fitting, then you will be charged for the electrician's callout. Electricians are a lot more expensive than handymen, so we recommend that you first change the bulbs yourself or hire a handyman to do it for you before you report it to us as a broken light.

How to Change a Light Bulb (yes, seriously):

Ok so it seems like a silly question but you'd be surprised how often people ask us how to change a light bulb! 

For all of the below advice, ensure that you have properly cut all power to the light fitting - most people do this by turning off the light switch, however, the safest way to do this is to switch off the lighting power supply on the fuse board (consumer unit) for the whole property. If you are not tall enough to reach the light bulb easily, then you will need to use a sturdy step-ladder. Do not use a piece of furniture as this could fall over or break causing serious injury and damage to the property.

Simple Screw Type and Bayonet Bulbs:

These are easy to change and most people know how. If you need further assistance you may want to see the following article:

Spotlight and Recessed Light Bulbs:

These can be more tricky to change because there are so many types of spotlight fittings and they all work slightly differently. We highly recommend that you take a close look at the spotlight fitting that you are trying to change, then search Youtube for a video tutorial showing you how to open your type of spotlight fitting:

Sealed Units and Fluorescent Lights:

Some light fittings are sealed units (mostly in kitchens, bathrooms, and outside). These often have screws or clips that you need to open in order to remove the cover to access the bulb.

Uncommon Bulbs (How to find the correct replacement bulb):

We recommend removing the existing bulb and then searching the internet for a replacement bulb. Usually uncommon bulbs will have a "Make and Model" written on them and you could search for this on Amazon or another online shopping site. If this fails or you would rather get personal advice, you can take your existing bulb into a local electrical store (like Beelex Electrical on Verulam Road, St Albans or Mitre Electrical on Hilltop, Bishops Rise, Hatfield) and they should be able to supply you with a matching bulb.

Remember, if you report an issue to us and it turns out to be something that you should have done yourself or it is something that is caused by your (or your visitors) actions or failure to act, then you will be liable for the contractor charges. To report the issue to us after changing the lightbulb and checking that the switch is on and the power supply on the fuse board is on, then please visit: 

For more information on the suggested steps above, you can search online to find articles that might be helpful. Our advice is provided in good faith, without any liability accepted by us. You should follow any suggestions with care and attention and if you do not have the skills or know-how required to carry out your tenant-like responsibilities then you ask a competent friend or hire someone to help you.