In some circumstances, tenants may wish to end their tenancy before the end of the fixed term tenancy agreement.

When this happens, there is a provision in the tenancy agreement. Please refer to section 5.7 of your Tenancy agreement for more information about the "Tenant Replacement Service".

By default, clause 5.7 is as follows:

We highly recommend continuing your tenancy until the end of your fixed term tenancy agreement wherever possible. This is especially relevant in the final 2 or 3 months of a tenancy agreement because you may find that there is no saving at all after paying the costs and then paying the rent, utilities, and council tax while waiting for a new tenant to be found.

To start the process, please email and state that you would like to start the "Tenant Replacement Service". We will then send you a "Tenant Replacement Service" Agreement to electronically sign. Once you have signed the form and paid the fees (1 months rent + VAT AND £210 + VAT) to the same account that you pay your rent (if you pay your rent to us), then we will begin marketing the property (subject to landlord approval).