In some circumstances, tenants may wish to end their tenancy before the end of the fixed term tenancy agreement.

When this happens, there is a provision in the tenancy agreement. Please refer to section 5.7 of your Tenancy Agreement for more information about the "Tenant Replacement Service".

By default, clause 5.7 is as follows:

We highly recommend continuing your tenancy until the end of your fixed term tenancy agreement wherever possible. This is especially relevant in the final 2 or 3 months of a tenancy agreement because you may find that there is no saving at all after paying the costs and then paying the rent, utilities, and council tax while waiting for a new tenant to be found.

To start the process, please email and state that you would like to start the "Tenant Replacement Service". We will then send you a "Tenant Replacement Service" Agreement to electronically sign. Once you have signed the form and paid the fees (1 months rent + VAT AND £210 + VAT) - please note that the landlord is now liable for the tenancy set-up fees at the start of the new tenancy for the new tenants, therefore, you would become liable for these costs using the tenant replacement service - these costs are usually £250 + VAT for two replacement tenants) to the same account that you pay your rent (if you pay your rent to us), then we will begin marketing the property (subject to landlord approval).

If tenants are a couple who are splitting up:

When partners split up, one person will usually keep the property at least until the end of the current tenancy agreement to avoid further charges for ending the tenancy early. 

There are fees that apply should you wish to have your ex-partner removed from the tenancy agreement because a new tenancy agreement will have to be drawn up, and the landlord will have to give their permission for this. If you choose to both remain liable like before, then there is no added fee and the tenancy will run as normal until the end of the tenancy - as long as the rent payments continue without delay and the property is well cared for. 

The costs for dealing with this process are £132 (£110 + VAT - these costs are calculated based on the cost for the landlord to renew the tenancy and re-protect the deposit - this is because the process is very similar to renew the tenancy as it is to remove a tenant from the tenancy - therefore, this is our reasonable fee for this process).

For more information on how to remove your ex-partner from the tenancy agreement please email and explain that you would like to go ahead with this process. It is important to note that all tenants named on the tenancy must agree who will stay and who will go. The person who is leaving will need to confirm in writing that they want to be removed from the tenancy agreement and the remaining tenants will need to agree to take on the full liability of the outgoing tenant for rent, damage to the property, utility costs, etc. Usually, the person staying should be the "Head Tenant".