If you are struggling with an issue that is your responsibility as a tenant (such as changing a lightbulb or setting your heating controls) then this is not something that your landlord will arrange or pay for, you will need to ask a friend or family member for assistance, or hire a handyman yourself.

If you need the details of a handyman, you might want to try one of the following: 

Mr Handyman - 01727 884816

A Man & Van Limited - 01727 403937

Or find someone using Google: https://goo.gl/3VUq78

We have not hired any of the above handyman companies ourselves, so we are unable to review or recommend them personally. These contractor names and contact details are given in good faith, however, we cannot and do not accept any responsibility or liability for anything relating to your use of their services. This is a private matter between you and the contractor you choose to hire. You are responsible for all dealings with your private contractors including being responsible for any damage they cause to your property. It is extremely important that you check their work and make sure that they do not damage the property in any way or you will be held liable for the cost of correcting this.