After you have moved into your new property, you will be able to switch your energy provider to make sure that you are paying the lowest energy prices (if your utilities are not included in the rent). We highly recommend that you compare and switch your utilities as soon as possible to maximise savings using (to compare the energy prices and switch providers automatically).

Please try to avoid smaller or less well-known utility providers like UtilityWarehouse or the likes, as these can be extremely difficult for future tenants to leave and we have had reports of problems from similar companies in the past. We recommend sticking with the major utility companies. If your utility meters are accessible then the start meter readings will be on your inventory check-in report, please supply these to the utility company when you open your account with them. NB: It is very important that you DO NOT allow the installation of a “Top Up” utility meter in the property. If there is already one in the property, and you would like to get this changed for a pay monthly meter, please let us know and we will request permission from the landlord.