Please ensure that you pay your rent in full before the end of your tenancy. If you are due to pay less than a full month’s rent for your last month because of the date your tenancy ends on, then please calculate the daily rent (Monthly rent x 12, divided by 365 = Daily Rent) and times that by a number of days, including the last day. For instance, if your rent payment date is on the first of each month and your tenancy ends on 12h of June, then you need to pay 12 days rent for June on or before 30th of May – if your rent is £1000 per month, then that would equate to £394.56 (£1000 x 12 months, divided by 365 days of the year = £32.88 per day, times 12 days). 

Please note it is always better to OVER PAY by a few pounds rather than underpay and be charged late fees. We will refund any over-payment of rent along with the deposit repayment, if required – many people pay a full month and then wait to receive a rent refund along with their deposit refund payment.

HOWEVER – Please make sure to CANCEL YOUR STANDING ORDER after your last payment to us – if you accidentally pay us AFTER your tenancy has ended you will be liable for administration charges for issuing you a refund.

You can use our helpful prorated rent calculator, found by clicking here.