As per the terms of your tenancy agreement, the property must be professionally cleaned before your check-out appointment.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you employ one of our Approved Cleaning Contractors to professionally clean the property BEFORE your check-out appointment.

Our Approved Cleaning Contractors are allowed to re-enter the property to update the cleaning if they missed any areas, free of charge, after the check-out appointment, whereas Non-Approved Cleaning Contractors are NOT PERMITTED to re-enter the property once you have been checked-out. 

Therefore, if you use a Non-Approved Cleaning Contractor and the inventory clerk finds that any of the professional cleaning has not been completed to the correct "Professionally Cleaned" standard, you will be charged again for one of our approved cleaning contractor to return to the property and perform further cleaning - even if your Non-Approved Cleaning Contractor is willing to return and do a better job, because legally, they will not be allowed back in the property once your check-out appointment has started.

Our Approved Cleaning Contractors are:

  1. Herts Carpet Cleaning: 07884298519
  2. Techne Solutions: 01707 881678
  3. Herts Cleaning Angels: 07870518108 (If you are renting just a room in a shared house then you most likely want to call Herts Cleaning Angels for a quote first as they offer hourly cleaning with a minimum of only 2 hours)

We do not receive any money or benefits from recommending the above contractors. We have found their work to be a high standard and reasonably priced. We do not guarantee their work and any arrangements you come to with these contractors is a private arrangement between you and them. 

  1. We cannot and will not pay them on your behalf, pay them from your deposit, or hold cash to give them on your behalf. You need to make arrangements directly with them for payment and access to the property. 
  2. The cleaning must be completed BEFORE your check-out appointment and the carpets should be dry by the time the check-out appointment starts, therefore, we recommend booking the professional cleaning for the day before your check-out appointment.
  3. The professional cleaning must include professional cleaning of all of the carpets, appliances, bathrooms, the kitchen, and all other parts of the property (including furniture, if any).
  4. You should book one of these Approved Cleaning Contractors AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because they get booked up very early.

IMPORTANT:  Professional cleaning can only be done after you have completely vacated the property. Therefore, you must move out and remove all of your belongings and any rubbish AT LEAST TWO DAYS BEFORE the check-out appointment, then have the cleaning done on the day before your check-out appointment. That will ensure that the property is completely cleaned and the carpets are dry by the time your check-out appointment starts