Please note these contractor names and contact details are given in good faith, however, we cannot and do not accept any responsibility or liability for anything relating to your use of their services:

Benefits of using one of our approved contractors:

There are many benefits to using our approved contractors for works at your property. The most important of which is that if they are required to return to deal with an issue that they might have missed the first time, they will be allowed to access the property with our keys - even after your check-out appointment in some cases. Other contractors, who are not our approved contractors, may not enter the property unless you are there to let them in and you are not able to do this after your check-out appointment as you will no longer be the tenant of the property and may not enter the property again.


  • Herts Carpet Cleaning: +44(0)7908 594633

  • Techne Solutions: +44(0)73982 23552

  • Herts Cleaning Angels: +44(0)7870 518108


(Make sure you request “End of Tenancy Clean”! And you must be FULLY MOVED OUT BEFORE THE CLEANING. Do not enter the property again until Check-out appointment after cleaning has begun.)



  • Locksmith:

    • ANTS Locksmithing: +44(0)7847517673

  • Rubbish Clearance / Minor Repairs:

    • PJG Service: +44(0)7887 406895

  • Repairs, Painting, Tiling, Flooring, etc.

    • St Albans Property Maintenance: +44(0)7538 676253

    • SebaBuilders: +44(0)7551026551

    • Marian Building Solution: +44(0)7413222008

  • Carpeting and Flooring:

    • SK Carpets: +44(0)1727 866696

  • Window Repairs and Glass:

    • City Glass: +44(0)1727 862901

  • Gas Engineers:
    • G A Plumbing and Heating: +44(0)7831491550
    • Express Gas and Electrical: +44(0)7944168888

  • Electricians:
    • Point Electrical: +44 (0)1727 757259


When Facing an Emergency Outside of Office Hours:

If you have an emergency at your property and you cannot reach anyone at Let Me Properties - after calling the emergency line (+44(0)1727846361 option 4) at least twice and leaving a voice message and sending a text message. You can call one of our approved contractors above to "make the property safe". They cannot do anything more than making the property safe and inhabitable for you without first speaking with us and getting the landlords' permission. Any costs for these contractors with be your responsibility if you call them out, unless you have our approval, or unless you can prove that the visit was to "make the property safe" and that you had already called the emergency line multiple times, left a voice message, sent a text message (to the telephone number given to you in the voicemail message for the emergency line) and reported this matter to us as an emergency on the online system at

We will never pay any invoices to contractors who are not our approved contractors as shown above - therefore, even if you have a legitimate reason for calling a contractor in an emergency and you have followed this process above - if you call someone other than one of the approved contractors above, you will be 100% liable for the cost of the other contractor. For the avoidance of doubt, locking yourself out of your property or losing your keys is YOUR responsibility. Neither your landlord, nor Let Me, will refund you the cost of replacing the lock if this is the case. If you believe the lock is broken, you must use ANTS Locksmithing to repair/replace the lock. If he reports to us that the lock was not broken then you will remain liable for his costs.

When Arranging Works at Your Own Expense:

You may wish to employ (at your own expense) one of our approved contractors to assist you with works that are your responsibility at the property you rent from us. When calling, please mention that you are our tenants and that you are paying for these works at your own expense, because these contractors are very busy and often only work for our company. Therefore, if they do not have time to fit in new clients, they may give you preferential treatment if they know that you are one of our tenants. It is your responsibility to pay the contractors directly from your own money. You may not use your deposit funds to pay anyone - the deposit money is not yours to spend again until after your tenancy has ended and your deposit has been paid back to you. Until then, you have no access or control over the deposit funds.

When Preparing for Moving Out:

Please make an effort to ensure that the property is handed back in the same condition or better condition than you received it from us in. If you are in any doubt as to what condition that was, then please email and we will email you a copy of your check-in inventory to compare. If you do not return the property to us in the right order you will be liable for additional charges and costs as detailed in your tenancy agreement.