Low hanging blind cords can cause a danger to young and vulnerable occupiers or visitors to your property. According to 2014 regulations, it is now required that any new blinds that are installed have safety mechanisms built in or that after-market safety cleats, clips, or restrictors are installed.

Generally, we will keep an eye out for this when we're taking your property on for the first time, however, from time to time the inventory clerk will alert us that they are not present and will report this on the inventory report for your property.

Please see the attached leaflet for more information about the safety regulations and suggested solutions to this problem.

We will usually arrange for after-market cleats/tensioners to be installed for you, or you're welcome to do it yourself. In the past, the cost has ranged from £30 to £60 depending on the number of cleats/tensioners that need to be installed and how difficult/time consuming the job is, when we have arranged one of our regular contractors to carry out the job.