Utility Costs:

Utility costs vary from property to property and depend heavily on your usage. Water costs tend to be between £20 and £60 per month depending on the size of your property and the amount of water you use (usually under £45 per month). For gas and electricity, these can be as low as £80 combined if you use very little of both, or as much as £400 combined if you use a very large amount. A helpful indicator of this might be the amount you currently spend at your current property. You can also check the EPC for the property and this will sometimes give you an indication of how much it may cost to heat the property each year. 

To find the full EPC for the property you will need to visit The EPC Register and start by typing in the postcode of the property you wish to rent. Then select the full address of the property from the list of options once you have entered the Post Code. Then click the link to download the full EPC.

Council Tax:

To find out the cost of the annual council tax at the property, you can visit MyCouncilTax.org and type in the full address of the property.