If you lose your keys or lock yourself out of your property, then it is your responsibility change the locks or get your keys replaced at your expense (check your tenants' insurance as it may cover this).

We recommend Ants Locksmithing who you can contact on 08000112326 or 07847517673 (however, this is a private arrangement between you and the locksmith - we do not guarantee their work).

We highly recommend that you use the above locksmith as if, under very rare circumstances, the lock is found to be faulty, then with confirmation from Ants Locksmithing, we can sometimes arrange for the landlord to cover the cost. However, under no circumstances will the landlord ever cover the locksmith costs for a locksmith other than Ants Locksmithing - even if they or you claim that the lock was broken. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: A locksmith should never cost you more than £90 + VAT! We have heard horror stories of tenants paying £300+ to scam locksmiths they found online. Do not fall victim to this, we will not refund the cost.


If you get locked out of your property, it is your responsibility to hire and pay for a locksmith to get you back inside. If you lock yourself out during office hours, you may come to our office and pay £40 as a deposit to borrow our office set of keys (if available), when you return our set of keys (within 24 hours) we will return £20 to you and £20 will be retained as a charge. You must pay cash on collection of the keys and you must return the keys to us within 24 hours. If you borrow the keys on a Saturday, you may return them to us on Monday.

If our set of keys is not returned to us within 24 hours, you will lose your deposit of £40 but may still return the keys to us within 48 hours. If you fail to return the keys to us within 48 hours, OR, if an emergency happens and we need to force entry into the property because you cannot make our keys available to us you will be charged £120 (£100 + VAT) PLUS the full cost for us hiring a locksmith to change the lock/s and issue all of the required numbers of keys to everyone (including the landlord).

The option to collect the keys from our office is offered in good faith and is not guaranteed, therefore, we HIGHLY recommend that you ensure you have a spare key safely stored outside the property for you to use in an emergency