There are a number of issues that become more difficult to deal with as the winter weather sets in. The aim of this guide is to help you prepare and deal with common issues within UK properties this time of year.

Condensation and Mould:

  • Everyday life in a property generates moisture in the air. This isn't usually a problem, as long as the moisture-filled air can escape the property and fresh dry air can replace it. During the summer, this is easily accomplished by opening a window and running a fan. However, in winter, this becomes much more difficult.
  • Condensation is the excess moisture in the air that turns to water when it hits cold surfaces like the windows and walls. This moisture is a breeding ground for mould. Mould should never be allowed to grow, it is bad for your health and can damage the property. If you see any mould, clean it immediately, and follow the below steps to reduce moisture in the property:

Steps to take to reduce moisture:

  • Search for leaks! If there are any stains on the ceilings, or wet patches under pipes, radiators, etc. please report these to us (or your landlord if we do not manage your property) as soon as possible.
  • Use the equipment built into the property! This might be extractor fans in the bathrooms or over the cooker, vents installed on the windows, dehumidifiers and ventilation systems if your property has one of these, etc.
  • Open the windows, curtains, and blinds at least 6 hours a day to allow fresh air in and moisture-filled air out. If you have extractor fans at the property, these should be used at the same time to help air circulate.
  • Put lids on pots when cooking, keep all wet clothes, towels, etc. in the bathroom with the door closed and the extractor fan left open constantly (if you have a window, leave it open as well).
  • Use the heating consistently and regularly. It costs more money to heat a frozen property than it does to just always keep the property at a consistent temperature (when home, we recommend 20c and when out, not below 14c).
  •  If all the above does not solve your condensation issue, strongly consider purchasing a dehumidifier. You can purchase a decent dehumidifier for around £100 and it will vastly reduce the moisture in the property if you use it correctly.
  • For more information on dealing with mould and condensation, please see:

Blocked Drains (incl issues with Dishwashers and Washing Machines):

  • Our properties are located in a very "hard-water" area. This means that tenants need to regularly use drain cleaning products to maintain the smooth running of the drains. Most drain cleaning products have instructions for using the product for "maintenance" instead of for blockages. This is where you would use a smaller amount of the drain cleaner down a running drain once a month to ensure that the drain continues to function properly.
  • Use washing machine and dishwasher cleaning products at least every 6 to 12 months (we suggest a product like this:
  • If your Dishwasher or Washing Machine stop working, the first thing you should check is whether the drains are running smoothly. These appliances usually use the same drain as the kitchen sink.
  • For more information on dealing with blocked drains, please see

Roof Leaks and Gutter Blockages

  • This time of year it is more common for gutters to be blocked. They usually get blocked by moss that grows on the roof and slides into the gutters, or worse, the moss and plant life grow from the gutters directly. Otherwise, leaves can often gather in the gutter causing blockages.
  • It is important that the gutters run smoothly. If not, this can lead to leaks inside the property. If you are able to safely clear the gutters yourself, then we ask that you do this. Otherwise, if you are unable to clean blocked gutters yourself, then please report these to us (or your landlord if we do not manage your property).

If you follow the above guidance it should greatly reduce the issues at your property over the winter and should help to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable property to enjoy.