St Albans (incl surrounding areas):

Pest control issues are not uncommon, especially when living in a city centre property. Wherever your property is located within St Albans, however, there is a free service put out by St Albans Council (via their contractors, SDK Environmental) where they will carry out pest control for you at no charge. Please book a visit from SDK Environmental at the following link:

They will usually require a couple of follow up visits, and it's really important that you keep to these to ensure that the problem is completely resolved and that the rodents don't come back. All of this should be provided to you free of charge.

There are also common-sense steps that you may need to take in order to ensure that the pests do not return. 


You should ensure that you are keeping the property clean and tidy at all times. Food should always be kept in airtight containers, rather than in thin plastic or paper packaging.


Bedbugs are horrible and should be treated by the professional pest controllers (SDK Environmental) as soon as possible. SDK will provide you with guidance on preparing for their visit and ensuring that the bugs do not return. Please follow their guidance carefully and comply with all their instructions.

Other bugs/mites:

These are not always treated by SDK Environmental and are usually a result of too much moisture/condensation in your property. Please see for guidance on reducing the moisture and condensation in your property. Once this is under control, the bugs should leave.

For further guidance on specific pests, please consult the St Albans Council Website:

Hatfield (including Welwyn):

Pest control issues are less common in Hatfield than they are in St Albans, therefore, Welwyn Hatfield Council does not offer completely free pest control. They do, however, offer heavily subsidised pest control treatments for approximately £30 in total.

Please visit for further guidance and to book a treatment via the Welwyn Hatfield Council contractor, SDK Environmental.

For the avoidance of doubt, pest control issues are the responsibility of the tenants. It is the tenants' responsibility to pay for the cost of treatment, if any payment is due, and to comply with the requirements of the pest control contractors.

If there are specific issues at the property exacerbating the pest control issue, for example, holes in the walls that rodents are getting in through, then please report these to us (with photos and details of where the holes are located) at