During your tenancy, there might be an issue at the property that needs attention or you may wish to ask for permission to do something yourself (such as wall-mount a television, hand a few pictures, paint the walls, etc.). When this happens you'll need to know who to contact and how to contact them:

Managed Properties

If we manage your property on behalf of your landlord then you need to visit https://letmeproperties.co.uk/report-repair/ to submit an official report to us - without an official report, we are unable to start dealing with the matter for you.

Non-Managed Properties

If your landlord manages your property, then please contact your landlord directly to ask them to deal with any issues for you as soon as possible. 

Not sure if your property is managed by us or your landlord?

You will know if your landlord manages your property by checking your tenancy agreement. If your landlord’s telephone number and email address appear by their name at the start of the tenancy agreement, then they will handle any of repairs and maintenance at the property that they are responsible for, otherwise, it means that we manage your property.

Remember, if you report an issue to us and it turns out to be something that you should have done yourself or it is something that is caused by your (or your visitors) actions or failure to act, then you will be liable for the contractor charges.

For more information on the suggested steps above, you can search online to find articles that might be helpful. Our advice is provided in good faith, without any liability accepted by us. You should follow any suggestions with care and attention and if you do not have the skills or know-how required to carry out your tenant-like responsibilities then you ask a competent friend or hire someone to help you.