We use an external referencing company called "The Lettings Hub" to carry out external referencing for us. You can find out more about their referencing criteria (see attached document) and our verification process below. 

"The Lettings Hub" will send each future occupant of the property (aged 18+) and each Guarantor (if any) an email requesting that they urgently complete the "The Lettings Hub" Online Application form. Once "The Lettings Hub" receive that online application form, they can start referencing the applicant. If you or any of the occupants require a guarantor, "The Lettings Hub" will also require them to complete the online application (all tenants and guarantors are required to complete the "The Lettings Hub" Online Application form within 3 working days of the holding agreement being signed or else the application may be cancelled and the holding amount [the money paid so far] won't be refunded).

"The Lettings Hub" will then run thorough credit and fraud searches on all applicants and all their linked addresses and linked accounts. We highly recommend that you visit https://www.noddle.co.uk/ to sign up for a free account to check your credit history before you hold a property with us.

"The Lettings Hub" will also contact all employers and previous landlords or letting agents to ask for references to confirm the information that has been given to them. 

If you are retired or on benefits, the Lettings Hub will ask you to provide documentary evidence to prove your income from these means.

It is vital that all applicants are honest on their applications because if "The Lettings Hub" finds that anything the applicants have told them is untrue (and they are very good at finding untruths) then the application will fail, the applicants will lose the holding amount (all money paid so far), and the property will be put back on the market immediately. The landlord will be compensated for any of their losses from the holding amount to ensure that the landlord is fully protected at all times. It is extremely rare for a tenancy application to fail in this way, and will only happen if the applicants give false or misleading information (and if you don't read all of the referencing criteria properly!).

"The Lettings Hub" has strict reference criteria and you must ensure that you will receive an "Accept" result from the Lettings Hub referencing. Please contact the Lettings Hub for further information on their referencing criteria.

Whilst "The Lettings Hub" is referencing the applicants and their guarantors (if any), we at Let Me Properties will be verifying everyone. The verification part of the process includes each occupant (aged 18+) and each guarantor submitting ID and Evidence documents to us to verify the identity, address, and other claims the applicants have given. You can find out more about the verification process by clicking here.

If you are students at the University of Hertfordshire and you are currently living on-campus, then you will need to use the following email address and telephone number for your "Landlord/Letting Agent Reference" when filling in the "Lettings Hub" online application form:

Email: housingservices@herts.ac.uk

Tel: 01707285977