After taking possession of your property, you have 7 calendar days to dispute or comment on any part of the property inventory if required or else your silence will be seen as acceptance that no changes are required to the inventory.

If you have any comments or change requests, please email with the comments and photos as soon as possible. 

Your comments must reference the item number on the inventory. For instance, if you disagree that the fridge is clean, you'll find where the fridge is mentioned in your inventory and it will have a number assigned to it. You should send us a concise list of comments, making reference to the number listed on the inventory report and providing photos proving your comment. 

Please ensure that you have THOROUGHLY checked the inventory before commenting - we get a lot of comments that turn out to already be listed in the inventory.

Your comments and photos will be recorded as an inventory addendum which will be referenced at the end of the tenancy. It will be at the discretion of the inventory clerk as to how much weight they give to your comments and photos because they will be compared to their numerous photos and details taken at the appointment (which they might not have included in the inventory report).

It is not the job of the inventory clerk to teach tenants how to use appliances or to check that appliances work. We rely on the previous tenants to report any faults to us before moving out. It does happen on occasion that new tenants will move in and find that an appliance might not be working. Please search our support centre to see if you can resolve the issue yourself and if you can't please report the issue in the correct way.

Repairs should not be reported to us as "Inventory Comments", for instance, if you find that the washing machine isn't working when you more in, you do not report this as a change to the inventory, you should report this as a repair. Please click here to find out more about reporting repairs.