Please carefully follow our moving our guidance below. Failure to follow our guidance WILL cost you money from your deposit.

Thank you for renting a property with Let Me Properties, now that you are moving out, we have the following information for you to carefully read so that you fully understand the what is expected of you, how to return the property to us, and what you need to do in order to get your deposit refunded, minus any deductions.

It is vitally important that you make arrangements before your check-out appointment to repair any damage you have caused and have the property professionally cleaned so that at the start of your check-out appointment, the property is in the same or better condition than you received it in (minus fair wear and tear). You will not be allowed to enter the property again after the check-out appointment has begun (this applies to your contractors, cleaners, etc.). Everything you wish to do must be completed in full by the start time of the check-out appointment.

You may request another copy of your inventory check-in report from us if you need to be reminded of the condition that the property was in when you received it.

The process of moving out successfully (VERY IMPORTANT):

  • Step Four: Apply to redirect your post (IMPORTANT - You may not receive post from the property after your check-out appointment)

  • Step Five: Move out of the property and remove all of your belongings and any rubbish AT LEAST TWO DAYS BEFORE the check-out appointment

  • Step Six: Contact one of our recommend contractors to repair or reinstate any damage you (or your guests) have caused to the property or its fixture and fittings throughout your tenancy.

  • Step Seven: Have the property professionally cleaned by one of our recommended cleaning companies (click here) - It is vitally important that you book this service urgently. You need to give the professional cleaning company as much notice as possible or else they may not be able to help you on the day you need them.

  • Step Eight: Return to the property after the cleaning is completed to check their work, pay them, and lock the property up in preparation for your check-out appointment (which should be the next day).

  • Step Nine: Return to the property on the day of your check-out appointment - arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure you are not late.

  • Step Ten: After your check-out appointment has been completed, you can complete the required form to officially request your deposit back (click here for more information).

More in-depth guidance on each step of the process:

Thank you, we hope you remember us next time you need a property, or if you ever become a landlord in the local area and are looking for a good letting agent to look after your property for you.

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If you require a reference from us, just let us know, and provided you have been a good tenant, we will be happy to confirm that to your future landlord or letting agent. However, please ensure that requests are sent to us in writing to - they should not be sent to a specific team member - but should be directed to "Let Me Properties -".

Thank you